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Saturday, June 22 - The Wonder Bar, Asbury Park, New Jersey
Monday, July 15 - Pitcher, Dusseldorf, Germany
Tuesday, July 16 - Colos Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Thursday, July 18 - The UpStage, Dorphof, Germany
Friday, July 19 - Private Event, Melle, Germany
Saturday, July 20 - Musik unter XVE Festival, Melle Germany
Tuesday, July 30 - Westfield Music Festival, New Jersey


Glenn Alexander - guitar and vocals

Oria - lead and background vocals

Greg Novick - bass

Dave Anthony - drums and percussion

Chris Anderson - trumpet and flugelhorn

John Isley - tenor and baritone saxophones

Neal Pawley - trombone and vocals

Knockin' On The Door The NEW Album 

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People are talkin' about Shadowland!

”I love the album, some of the lyrics are off the chain great, as well as the singin', playin', mix...well...the whole shebang. Yoooo Beeeee Baaaaad.  I'm now the total GA fan.

You got the whole package at your fingertips. It was an honor for me to just listen to you,

let alone play with you.”

Bill Champlin - multi Grammy Award-winning artist

"FINALLY got to listen to the CD. Sounds great and your vocals are perfect. Very real and convincing. Playing is spot on, and the mix is just right. Congrats. Hope some modern country radio and blues stations pick it up. They should."

Southside Johnny Lyon - legendary leader of the Asbury Jukes

"Alexander is a virtuoso guitarist, and this band lets him stretch out in a blues-soul vein..."

Jay Lustig -

"Alexander himself is a bit of a shadowy phantom. Raised on Southern Rock and Midwest Blues, he’s studied jazz and progressive rock, and plays the six-string like a feral beast."

J.D. Nash - American Blues Scene

"Shadowland (the album) has flavors of Memphis, Chicago, Jersey City, and, yes, Wichita all  in the mix. It’s blues rock, but then again not. It’s Southern rock, but then again more. It’s rock and roll, slathered in funky soul with a machine-gun guitar at its forefront. It’s Glenn Alexander and company at their very best, and it absolutely should be in your collection."

J.D. Nash - American Blues Scene

“This new Shadowland album is the greatest thing I've heard from a local / regional act in the last four years.  (The) arrangements  are all great, love the horns, love the themes in "Blues for Me & You," "Get A Life," "If Your Phone Don't Ring," "The Odds are Good" and "C.O.D."  There's hardly a weak track on it and there's plenty of bluesy material to play on my radio show.  This album is superb and will be getting radio airplay for months, 'cause even though you live locally, in my estimation, you are of course, a national touring act”

Richard Skelly - host of Low Budget Blues Program on WRSU-FM and

Asbury Park Press writer

"Mr. Alexander, you make the best records. Great feel and love the horns…"

Jim Stephany - Nashville guitarist and producer

"You're singing your ass off - a badass roots singer you are."

Scott Healy - Keyboardist, Basic Cable Band (Conan) and

Keyboard Magazine columnist

"I knew in the first 15 seconds that this was for me; cool swishing guitars and red-hot horn section hit me like a left hook; and when Glenn Alexander’s rough around the edges voice joined them I was out for the musical count."

Rocking Magpie - British music blog

"I Picked The Wrong Day (To Stop Drinking)  - it’s as sad as it’s beautiful with gospel-style harmonies and a wailing B3 Organ in the background. Who among us doesn’t love a

tearjerker and heartbreaker like this?"

Rocking Magpie - British music blog

"Blues For Me & You and Big Boss Man are the type of suburban Chicago blues I fell in love with 40+ years ago; and this gorgeous duet between Glenn and Oria is absolutely delicious."

Alan Harrison - British music reviewer


"Fine craftsmanship from a versatile musician who packs his guitar spins into inspired rootsy song work..." 

Written In Music - Dutch music blog

"Glenn's granite-raised voice, the screaming guitars and soulful horns make us quickly press the 'repeat button' after a first listen..." 

Keys And Chords - European music blog

"Earl Erastus is a horn-laden blues song with soulful guitar solos and vocals..."

Brooklyn Roads online music magazine

"Twelve beautifully varied tracks on this album in which various music styles such as soul, blues and rock are covered..."

Rootstime - Belgium music blog

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